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Someone posted something on here regarding the FA rules on Cup games.

Basically, it said that as long as a club had 14 fit players (including youth players) the game goes ahead.

How true that is, I've no idea.
Dont the premier league have something similar though. If you have certain amount fit game goes ahead. Im too lazy to look it up 😂😂
What a joke just postpone it

Do villa want to play it? May have the choice but just want to get the game out of the way


What a joke just postpone it

Third round proper: Saturday 9 January 2021
Fourth round proper: Saturday 23 January 2021
Fifth round proper: Wednesday 10 February 2021

There's not enough time - either Villa play a makeshift team or forfeit the tie


Where's the Kaboom?
am I the only person that finds it amusing that Klopp plays Henderson, Wijnaldum, Fabhino,Mane & Salah against Villa's U-13s, in the same year that all hes done is whine about fixrure congestion


Where's the Kaboom?
The weird bit is the entire British sporting comenteriat is EX Liverpool player every last one of them even the crazies like Collymore Barnes and Thompson.
They want bias?

Show them how Ian fucking Wright was a pundit on our game last night, wearing a Marine hat.

And how seemingly every match of ours that's televised, there always seems to be an Ex. Gooner or Chav on the punditry team.
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