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Thing is Woolwich can’t be like Man U or city and spend £300m every season to get it right.
They can’t pay a shame much.
They will have to sell big waged player to get another in or sacrifice two
They are a team of individuals.

I don’t think think they were that terrible, except defensively. Thats to do with the personal. They are not a team.
It also doesn’t help when you start ok and go behind to a bad goal( if Chech wouldn’t have came for it, no other cunt would have) and the large away support does fuck all to encourage you, not one peep except loud audible sighs that drown out the home crowd each time you give the ball away.
Slowly eroding your confidence, also making Chech nervous by cunting him off whilst trying to concentrate. when the second goes my in start singing wenger our songs.
The only other time first half wasn’t when Wilshere got booked for a nasty spiteful tackle and they sung super jack.
Shit fans
Their shortlist not great

Ancelotti no doubt a once great manager but it’s a bit too late to get the best from him, besides would only be for 2 years and would he join a side with no European completion and very little differentiating factors to attract new players

Low has not been in club football for 13 years and must only have minimal deep knowledge of the premier league and how the new madness of transfers and agents works since the price explosion

They are fucked, its a race to the bottom as finishing 6th will only mean lack of ability to get anyone decent manager or players, they should have done it 4 years ago after 1st cup win
Benitez would improve them.
Benitez would improve them.

I would do absolutely anything to see the powers that be there fall for a Brendan Rodgers interview, would make my day

Yeah Rafa would have a crack but that era won’t be around long and again I think they won’t have the tools they would have if they had made change 4 years ago, a joke of a club, fucking up such a position of strength
Mensa Mensa he’s perfect for woolwich. The Rodgers rumours have to be bollocks.

This is exactly it they are left with a severely flawed shortlist, 6th place so can only offer new players money and the chance to play with a bunch of mercenary fairies

I said it the day Aubameyang signed, there is absolutely zero motivation there for him to succeed now he has the contract, just like Ozil, no leadership, no desire and no accountability and that comes from the top

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Beautiful, drink it in. Feed off this misery, inject it into your veins.

Anyone would think they have been relegated :dembelelol: , imagine if they went through a spell like we did during the 90s :pocheyes:
They'd be on the 1st train to The Etihad to revel in some succes no doubt...
(Mostly because their return ticket to Leicester expired about 5 minutes after they'd bought it!)

I presume the crying fan was also happy enough to smugly gloat at us when they WERE doing ok...
So Y'know what... it comes around.
Now pass me some swabs for me bleeding heart!


Relegated? No
Relegation danger? No
Been in a major cup final? Yes
Still in Europe? Yes
Top6? Yes
Huge crowds (hahaha) yes?
Won a cup in the past 12 months? Yes

So all in all - what the fuck they all crying about?

I really don’t understand how they can’t see how self entitled their fan base is being/ acting. It’s only a few years since the blue scum were 10th. How many years did United drop out of the top 4?
Liverpool have won fuck all in years and years and sadly, nor have we.....but none of our fan bases would be crying like this if the points above were related to us.

It’s fucking sickening the way this this lot behave. They are deserving of utter contempt.

I hope they sack Wenger and put Henry and “I’m Sol Campbell” in joint charge. Maybe, just maybe it would / could be even worse without Aunty Wenger in charge. Wankers never think about that do they?
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