Danny Rose

When Poch first came to spurs they all came out to Chicago, got to meet Poch, Kaboul, Daws obviously was a gent

Then there was Danny Rose, a miserable northern cunt who didn’t even look our way, if you are going to be a cunt like José wants, be Roy Keane, not like Danny

I was in J block when he scored that wonder goal, I also remember when him and Walker were our best players for a 6 month stretch 5/6 years ago, he just never had the character or maturity to build on it, it’s a shame, he has done himself no favours

Best of luck, I have a feeling he will struggle now

It's the right thing to do (not include him in the team) but this is absolutely classless from Jose and the Club. Even if you are dealing with a consistent problem you don't drop to their level. He should have been *told directly, face to face*.

*caveatte, the way these things get reported sometimes are wide of the mark and will retract if it turns out he was told directly*
If you are told you're never playing for Spurs again - why would you even expect a squad number? You can't blame Jose for Danny being a thick twat, that's all on him.
Shame he's just wilted away like this. I loved him when he was at his best. He played some great football for us. I'm trying to imagine he's retired and think only of the good times.
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