Eric Dier

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Thank fuck. I don’t mind people disagreeing with other posters, but he litters the forum with meaningless disagrees. Hope he takes the hint & fucks off for good

Arcspace and Sammy were controversial, yet 100 times better posters than this dud, and they’re the ones perma-banned?!

Hope we’ve seen the last of him.


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I didn't assume relegation.

And Dier didn't contribute to anything, he was a liability that need to be carried all season long. He is a big reason that we had to wait to the last day to get 4th in a season where there were zero quality teams in the running for 4th.

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Dier has really grown I'd say because of Conté's support and leadership. He's way better than Tyrone Mings or John Stones ATM so hope Southgate is paying attention and not listening to that Chelski nut-job Holland.


I've been a critic of Dier in recent seasons over his lack of attention at times putting us in trouble - but this season he has really pulled his socks up and the mistakes are very rare now - to think some of those other centre halves have got into the England squad ahead of him is just a joke.

Harry Ma-fucking-guire??????
Fuck off.
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Outraged why Dier hasn't got a call up over White, McGwire and Coady!!!

Not the best stat, because during the period of 110 games, he was getting callups even when Spurs fan would've admit he shouldn't be getting a spot for the NT; he was basically the current Conor Coady and Mings.

He 100% deserves it for his play this season, but it's not the best stat.
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