Eric Dier

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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Not the best stat, because during the period of 110 games, he was getting callups even when Spurs fan would've admit he shouldn't be getting a spot for the NT; he was basically the current Conor Coady and Mings.

He 100% deserves it for his play this season, but it's not the best stat.
I have to disagree. I know I've been of the very few but I've been rating his performances for ages, even under the dinosaur. Our biggest issue wasn't individuals, it was a has-been coach.
To any of your "nerds" out there: are these stats really true?

Dier is in good form but this is a nonsense stat. He has made lots of errors that either weren’t punished with a goal or were technically not “errors” because they didn’t come from a bad pass, touch or foul but rather from him being asleep and doing nothing. So many times in the last 2 years he has let easy balls go over his head or roll past him for a tap in when he could easily have intercepted.

Even against Norwich he did what he does at least once a match in giving a suicidal ball away in our own half, he just wasn’t punished. He has had a great season but still has massive room for improvement.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
Damn Dier is jet setting. He was in Miami at Heat-Celtics game 5 on Wednesday too.

Yeah but how is it worked out?

He scored an OG against Newcastle and could have done better with that Ronaldo goal from long range for example...
Also handled the ball at the end of the Newcastle game under Dino which I believe led to a goal so that 110 game figure isn’t true. I also remember him standing back admiring a cross instead of going for the ball that led to a goal (can’t remember the exact ) game. However has really impressed under Conte
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