Have we signed Diaz yet?

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Tier 1 - Trust me bro'
This guys highlights are out of this world. I therefore expect him to be a massive flop! :contethumb:
I think that's the kind of reverse psychology scouting that has gone into identifying Amrabat. Hitchen has decided that he thought all his previous signings looked good and turned out shite, so now he's found someone that looks dogshit in the hope he will actually do well.
Why would any player want to come to our club? It's a stepping stone into continuous high expectations, a club in constant fluctuation into nothingness with very little chance of silverware. Hardly enticing is it!

Had we tried to attract a player like Diaz even a year or so post CL final, we'd have no problem. But now? :contescrewface:

Massive Conte

Reports in Portugal state Liverpool have come in for him. They've struck a deal and he wants to join them.
Why would someone choose to join Liverpool over Tottenham?

They're only a significantly better football team with much better players who are paid better at a club who have an overwhelmingly better chance of winning silverware consistently.

Just had to be those slimy agent rimming cunt dippers.

The sooner Paratici realises that we aren't Juventus and decent players arent going to wait whilst we play hard to get the better.

There is absolutely zero chance Paratici has 100% control of transfers because he is fast becoming a laughing stock. This stinks entirely of Mr Big Master of Negotiations.

Probably brought in to spend the Kane money, at Sell to Buy FC his position is a joke.
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