Is the club/board ok?

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Is there something seriously wrong at the club? Something must be going on behind the scenes. There is absolutely no way anybody from the board would be able to justify any of the shocking decisions made in the recent past.

Our lack of spending not just now but for a few years despite the game completely changing especially with respect to the money involved with the TV deals.
Our delay in getting our transfers done early thus leaving us unprepared for for the start of our season.
Our shocking decision in having a friendly tournament 3 days before the league kicked off.
Our decision to literally have nobody to call upon when chasing a game attacking wise.

How are the fans ok with this? This looks like a sabotage job trying to make sure we do not succeed. Add plans to somehow injure our main players long term and it would look like an Woolwich fan is making the decisions at Spurs. I understand that Spurs have gone private but Is there no way anybody can question some of these ridiculous decisions made by the club?

The worst part if what has happened to the fanbase! Most people are like, well it was United, so I am glad it was not a 3-0 including me. Where is the ambition among the fans?

Here is gif of Kate Upton to calm some of the posters who might take offense at my post. But again, I repeat, this is question irrespective of the result.


Football cycle. Managers have players they like that fit their system, it takes a while to assemble all the needed players to build a proper team. It should take us this window and the next to get most of what Poch requires then we can hopefully have stability for a while.

The reason in my view why we are always in transition is because we sack managers so frequently. The new manager find flaws with the players he inherits as they don't fit his style and we have two seasons of buying and selling, two seasons of distruption. This combined with Levy shall we say interesting way of conducting business means we never have a complete team and therefore never seem to be at 100%.

Has anyone noticed how we always get one thing sorted without the other. It looks like we finally have defence sorted but our attack is blunt, it wasn't long ago this was the reverse.

Far as I can see the only long term solution to prevent constant transition and gaps is to stick with and fully back one manager. In a year or two we should have a relatively complete team if Poch isn't fired in the meantime. Then with stability we can properly develop.

For me this is where the board and Levy have failed over many seasons, little stability meaning little real development. I have a good feeling about Poch, for Levy to win me over I simply want him to back Poch properly. Whether that means spending a bit extra to get Berahino or not sacking him, doing this would for me mean ENIC have learned from their past mistakes. And for those who don't think stability can be a god send think of Barca, Fergies United or even bloody Woolwich.

ENIC need to provide Tottenham with a proper stable platform, then we can see the real potential of this club. The stadium and youth system is a start but it needs to be across the board.

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If there ever was a time to take points from OT, it was today. That United team was bang fucking average, how anybody can be satisfied with today's result is beyond me.
I'm not satisfied with the result, but we were by far the better team, aside from one Nabil Bentaleb back pass. United spent £89 million on their midfield. We had a centreback playing DM. And we shut them down. We didn't have a healthy Lamela, so were stuck with Dembele and Chadli not creating enough. But we were still the better team. The result was not fair to the performance of the team.

There is nothing to panic about on the pitch.
If you use your eyes instead of spouting some computer game DM, CM, AM shit you can see that picking Dier was totally logical the way Poch wants to play.

When we have the ball Jan goes left, Toby goes right and Dier drops between them. We have a back 3 and the full backs push right up to become attackers. When they have the ball Jan and Toby are narrow and Dier protects the space in front of them. The full backs get back into their defensive shape.

It has the square root of fuck all to do with Levy.


Why is top 4 suddenly so far off, I think as someone else on this forum previously pointed out, you reverse the result at OT last season and we were joint 4th. We managed it twice under Redknapp without an Arab Prince and Liverpool came second and should have won the title and did it without a Russian gangster.

Our team this season as shown yesterday with more pace and guile would almost certainly have won. Our defence is now player for player easily one of the best in the league, we have some really classy players like Kane and Eriksen but we are missing a few vital ingredients for a complete team to have a realistic chance of top 4.

Just because we have the 6th highest wages bill doesn't automatically mean finish around 6th, QPR had a large wage bill and got relegated.

Under Redknapp we had a few class players (Bale, Modric, King), some stability, a system that fitted what we had at the time and in the end we should have really finished 3rd in Redknapps final season.

its horrible to say but Woolwich's stable tactics mean they have a very good chance of top 4 every season. They have a good squad at the moment but it was only a few seasons ago that player for player some newspapers had us as stronger than them.

My point is it's not simply money that has prevented a top 4 challenge. We have a great set of young players, let's keep them together, BUY a striker, winger etc, and keep the manager for a good while. Let's not have constant transition for a few seasons, remember it only takes one of Woolwich, Man City, Man United and Chelsea to have a bad season and there is room for us but we need to be in a position to capitalise and you can't if your in transistion.
Agree with Joe here, the club in terms of footballing results should always come first. Based on the decisions made in terms of the football personnel, I don't see ENIC thinking the same way. Always a player short, always a player too late, always a manager not backed as required, but wait, we have a stadium coming up, which is kinda like the second coming, it will open the floodgates and everything will be alright. The stadium will be built and so much money will be spent on the team all of a sudden and the board will completely change its approach signing so many world class players. All Spurs supporters will get their cocks sucked by supermodels. Blah blah. Wake up and see past the PR bullshit, which to be honest is not even that good these days! Sad to say, but can't help but feel that a 30 million net investment per year for 3-4 years in the past on the team would not have made us do a Leeds as believed by several of the ENIC lovers and would have atleast left us with better players.
Does this not justify the points he`s making though. Had Levy not once again fucked us over and left his manager short we probably would have picked up 3 points. Do people really believe the twat has champions league aspirations. Really
We have won there 14 times in the entire history of the club, and twice in the past 25 years ... "probably" have picked up 3 points?

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This place used to be fun but these days its full of boring cunts debating pointless shit. We're tottenham fans, not enic fans. Im yet to understand the merit in any argument that presumes the people in charge of the club, don't want us to win every game. Every single point of view that is anything close to suggesting Levy doesnt want us to win as many games as possible should result in that person being banned from the internet for a good few months to think about what they're doing with their lives.

But if people feel strongly about something that they feel affects the club as a footballing experience then surely they are entitled to air their views. U can always skip posts that get your goat. It's a forum , full of insight, shit , frustration, joy & silliness. That's what forums are all about. It's not worth getting wound up about really.
While I find some of the theory of the original post a little batty, there should be no doubt that the management has been completely irresponsible and negligent this summer at the very least. To start the League season with one striker is unconscionable. We don't have a complete squad. I don't care if having another striker available today would have gotten us points or not (and don't kid yourself, having an attacking option on the bench may have made a difference in the final outcome). Not being prepared...not having the necessary tools at our an absolute failure of management.

There is a lot I really love about the direction of our club--particularly the prioritization of youth development and the new stadium. I think Poch may be the right guy for the long haul, and how can you not love our core of young players? I am willing to give the club some serious slack in the present to build for the future.

But there are some skewed priorities at Spurs that I can't overlook. Marketing is not as important as preparation. "Winning" a transfer negotiation is not as important as getting the players we want. Footballing decisions need to be given more priority and business decisions less priority. We are so close, but I believe we still need a change in club culture to get where we want to be.
If there ever was a time to take points from OT, it was today. That United team was bang fucking average, how anybody can be satisfied with today's result is beyond me.
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