Jan Vertonghen

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wrong nearly always
Update on the Tottenham facebook says:

"Further assessment and scans have confirmed that Jan Vertonghen sustained damage to his medial collateral ligament in his knee at Crystal Palace. Our medical staff will continue to monitor his progress to determine when he will be ready to return to training.

Get well soon, Jan!"
Poch doesn't rush anyone back, suspect we won't see Jan until April.

Kevin Wimmer, now is your time.
Just our luck that this was caused by an irritated opposition player being bang out of order because he was feeling frustrated in the match, because we often outplay other opponents and he had to resort to dirty play to try and get some headway.

It wasnt caused by our own players mistake - overstretching or such. We pride ourselves in keeping our players at good fitness levels, and consistent durability - then some idiot has to do something like this.

Will this upset our fantastic defensive record?

I hope he gets more than a 3 match ban for this blatant disregard for a players welfare


It's too vague, if it's minor it's only 1-2 weeks, if it's sever then two months and they have not cofirmed which end of the spectrum the injury is.
Some how i don't think its that bad. I trust the medical team and the management, if it was a season ending injury i very much doubt he would be wondering around Barcelona
ACL - 9 months
Medial - 4 to 8 weeks - more often than not - depending on if it's a sprain or tear.

At least it's not dreaded ACL and medial. Reminds me of the time we lost Sandro in Jan which derailed our excellent start to a season.

At least we have Wimmer and not Fazio to step in. Keep Dier in DM.

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
I'm afraid so, we won't rush him back that's for sure
I feel reassured to have our very own medical expert on the forum.
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