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Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
When you basically drag your country to a World Cup victory, you know you're good.

Not only that, but making a then unfashionable Napoli team Serie A champions is arguably just as impressive.
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Tough bastard too. Loved how he rode heavy challenges, tried to keep his balance and stay on his feet to affect the game. Puts players today to shame with their theatrics after every little touch
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Icon of my childhood, infamous, genius, had the lot. One of those real characters.

So shit with the pandemic, otherwise you can imagine the send off he’d have got in Argentina and even Napoli

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
The greatest player ever and a gift to us all who watched. Gracias.

Ta, ta, ta, ta......GOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!

I know I shall be watching his recent documentary again tonight, arguably one of the best opening sequence to any doc ever made.
Messi is a million times better than Maradona, the statistics speak by themselves. There is no possible doubt. Many speak out of the heart. I have seen the career of both fully since Diego came to Barcelona, he was extraordinary but in terms of goals and assists, he is even under Cristiano, Gerd Müller, Ronaldo, Pelé or Di Stefano.

He was in the league of the extraordinary skilled players, not in the league of the most decisive ones. The league of Platini, Zidane, Baggio, Del Piero, Figo, Gazza, Zico, Rivelino, Garrincha, Laudrup, etc.

Messi is the best ever in both leagues, skilled, marvelous to see, and decisive, scoring 50 goals per season only in the Spanish league, plus many more in the Cup of Europe or the King's Cup, that is extra terrestrial figures. And I'm not exactl his fan, he has beaten us and humiliated us for 15 years.

Maradona fanatics are not realistic.
Maradona has carried average teams to league titles and even World Cups. Messi has never had the same impact for Argentina and at club level he has usually played in dominant teams.

Napoli had been purchasing good talent for a few years before Maradona.

Maradona was like their Aguero. Before that Napoli had been like City buying the likes of Elano and Robinho in comparison. Maradona marked when they started spending more wisely.

The idea Napoli were nowhere before him is a myth. It's like saying Liverpool were nowhere before VDV.
Let's not re-write history. In 1984 the season Maradona joined Napoli they finished 11th in Serie A. 1 point above relegation. The year before that they were 10th avoiding relegation by 2 points.

In the 3 seasons after Diego they finished 8th, 3rd and then 1st.

They'd won 2 trophies in their entire hundred year existence and never won a league title before Maradona. They've never won it since he left either.


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Like you, I consider myself lucky enough to have seen both players, although obviously it was harder to watch Napoli in the mid eighties so didn't see anywhere near as much of Maradona's career as I have Messi's.

I think you have to balance out things like the pitches and the way a skilful player could be hacked about, with the sheer level of physical, tactical, mental superiority of modern football that Messi has had to play in, and lets not pretend Messi hasn't been subjected to a barrage of physical punishment too.

I'm not outraged that people would choose Maradona, I can understand why, it's hard to compare players from different eras, and these two are very comparable, and have very similar skill sets to compare, unlike the comparisons with people like Pele and Cruyff etc, who were totally different players.

And they both did it in what was the best/toughest league in Europe at their time (or at least for phases of their careers in Italy and Spain anyway). People will argue Messi got to play in a side with Iniesta, managed by Guardiola, but lets not ignore he continued to perform and produce amazing levels after both of those had gone.

Maybe one of the advantages Messi has given himself is that his private life has been stable and that has allowed a level of focused professionalism that enabled him to produce much more and much more consistently, I don't know, we'll never know the true impact of Maradona's private life had on his performances and output, but having seen both, and loved both, it's Messi for me, all day long.

Some people really do overlook how much better football is now.

I went back and watched a game from the mid 00s in the Premier League between Utd and Chelsea, the two best teams in the league and it was actually laughable at how poor it was compared to today's standards.

It had the likes of Rooney, Ronaldo, Lampard, Drogba etc managed by Mourinho and Ferguson. Yet football today is better.

Football is always getting better. Maybe the personalities etc aren't as entertaining but coaching etc is on a different level nowadays. Its the same with all sports though, natural advancement etc.

Nostalgia is one hell of a thing though.
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