Media Bias

I agree with the first part, at least. I think this is shameful opportunism to shitcan Le Tissier because he's not been towing the party line. The other two are shit and won't be missed.

We'll have to reserve judgement before we see who gets brought in. Unfortunately if they do go down the tickbox route (highly likely at this point) then please god let it be competent pundits. No Sol Campbell please.
How about Naomi Campbell then??!.....
Look everyone cheer!

The spelling police have arrived

I assume they will be replaced by former dippers or utd players with a gooner as a wildcard.

About time they had some representation in the football media.
No longer watch the programme but was just going to post that I hope they get anyone but an ex Woolwich, Liverpool , Man U or Chelsea player or even worse Gary Lineker.
I hope Michael Dawson is one of the replacements. We need some representation on there to help change the narrative against us.

Whilst they are at it they need to sack off Jamie Redknapp from the live match day programmes. He’s so fucking stupid. Replace him with Micah Richards who’s a lot better.


[ Tiers Of A Clown ] Announce Hebzebenese
Well pack it up everyone, apparently the season is over before a ball has been kicked. Let's just hand out the trophies to City and Liverpool and liquidate the club. No point trying to achieve anything with Kane and Son up front, apparently the team has already "faded away into nothingness".

Geezer really doesn't like Jose, does he........

Spent most of the article banging on about him, yet makes the amazingly contradictory claim that last season was over for us within a month of it beginning... If that's the case why hone in on Jose and the significant factor in that?

Just a nice little Spurs hatchet piece to undermine us as kick the season off. Nothing to see here.
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