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And people on this forum were dissing Bamford during this season, saying he's not good enough. Shows we have some clueless fuckers on here!
I will be honest, I had doubts at start of the season. The night he scored the hat trick at Villa really opened my eyes. Last few years I always thought he needed too many chances to score but he's been superb this season and improved in that area IMO. Lovely finish tonight.


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Rumours point to him getting a called up for the German NT.

Seems some his Bayern teammates are hoping to convince him to opt for Germany instead.

Wouldn't surprise me, tbh.

To be fair to him, he was born in Germany and has a German mother, so it's not like he'd just randomly decide to play for them. It's probably like he was only really playing for England youth because he was playing for Chelsea at the time.
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