Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool | Sunday 19 Dec | 16:30 KO

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I tested positive yesterday but feel ok other than a cold…. I’m still going as long as it’s not postponed
if you tested Positive you should under no circumstances be going to a game on sunday!

It's incredibly selfish and dangerous to others!


"Puck Futin"
Just a reminder...



I loved that Klippety moaned that we pumped the ball long towards the space behind their fullbacks.

Yes you stupid fucker - if you want your fullbacks to push up the pitch as far as possible, then we have every fucking right to exploit the gaps they leave. I think its called doing your homework and getting your tactics right. Fucking melt.
So I was in an Italian restaurant last night in Soho watching the match on my phone.
A waiter comes over and, in bad English "you a totten ham?"
Then comes back with a picture of Conte in the same restaurant and said Gollini eats there too.

Based on the size of the pizza they gave me, there's no way the diet is as strict as reported



Ignorant but enthusiastic
Tell him my son’s driving an ambulance around London at this minute picking up Covid-riddled vax refuseniks.
As a member of the profession, I have no hesitation in saying that non vaxxers should be put to the bottom on NHS lists. They should be well behind the people they may have affected. Not very Hippocratic some people may think but these people deserve less than the people who are at least trying!
Well, game’s off for me. Double jabbed plus booster and woke up feeling a bit rough. Sure enough, tested positive. Feels like a mild cold at the moment. Hope the game gets called off. 😮‍💨

Well good to know it only feels like a mild cold for you and just goes to show, get the vaccine and the boosters. I wish people would Stop with this conspiracy bullshit. So sick and tired of this fucking virus. I am also triple jabbed.
Privilege to be there today - can’t have said that for what feels like years! Cards, chances, hugely improved performances. The crowd was amazing and buzzing all the way down the High Road. Felt like a throwback to yesteryear game.

Dele did great things today and yet should’ve won the game for us! An enigma. Sess did great. Sanchez-Dier-Davies v good again. Winks shut a few people up. What I saw today warmed my heart and raised my hopes - because it’s US I’ll do my best to temper them for now….
What a brilliant result and performance that was.

I fucking love Conte already. Showed real class with his post match interview, That classless cockwomble Klopp should take note.

Speaking of which can somebody please tell me how he didn't get sent off? Can anyone remember when Poch confronted a ref after the Burnley game and got a 3 match touchline ban. This guy just gets away with murder.

And the Sky Sports "analysis" afterwards was some of the most biased I have ever seen.

Is it any wonder these scouse cunts get soft pens every week? With the amount of pressure Klopp and the wankers at Sky exert, plus their screaming cultist fanbase.

Utter cunts

Here's hoping City win the league.

But back to us, fucking brilliant today, we are moving in the right direction again people.

trust in Conte
Fully expecting this to get postponed. Think the league will call off all games this weekend.
That group of level headed, fair and well considered people at the head of both the football and the country?

They probably have some hippos on LSD with bingo balls to try and determine what to do next
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