Ben Davies

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It's not my real name, btw.
Used to feel a bit underwhelmed at seeing Ben's name on the team sheet. Now I'd be disappointed if he wasn't starting.
Turning in to a real class act. Fits into the team perfectly. Great respect for the guy the way he was happy to accept his place as back up and grasp his chance when it finally came. Great professional who seems to appreciate the honour of playing for a top club
"There is competition for places everywhere but everyone wants the best for the Club," said Ben.

"Whoever is on the pitch for a particular game, it’s about supporting them and wanting the best for the team.

"You saw Harry on the bench when we scored the second goal at Chelsea, a huge goal and it was as if he’d scored the goal himself. I’m sure he was devastated he couldn’t start a game like that but that’s irrelevant when the whistle goes at the start of the game because it’s about Tottenham Hotspur, not the names on the teamsheet, but winning the game for the Club, no matter who is there".

"We all want the best for this Club as does everyone involved and if you are not on the pitch or on the bench and not playing, it doesn’t matter, because every player is there every day and as much part of the team as the players who play most weeks. Without them, it doesn’t work, we don’t have the same training, the same intensity and that’s the feeling we have throughout the squad. That’s been huge this season.

"Everyone is settled and that shows on the pitch in our performances - everyone wants the best for this Club.

"The emotions at Chelsea when we scored the goals, after the game, that was real. This is our team. This is what we want to do. It’s one Club, players, staff, fans and everyone has one goal and that’s to push us forward and wins like that make it feel all the more special."

Are you reading danny? That’s how an interview should be you ungrateful weasel
Yet another great game for Ben. Been fantastic for us over the 6 years he has been at the club and has a long contract signed last year until 2024.
He's actually improved his game this season IMO. He is much better going forward. He's "won" us 3 pens and also "assisted" GLC's goal in the EL.

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I think he has shown his usefulness in Europa League games and potentially as a LCB with our weak group of CB’s but he should never see another game at LB in the PL for us unless Reguilon and Cirkin are both out injured.

He is nowhere close to good enough.

All you're doing is showing a complete lack of understanding on how squad football works - for Burnley away Davies is ten times better than Reguilon and Cirkin, why? Because the defence will be mostly taking place seven foot off the ground, an area where neither Reguilon and Cirkin are very strong ...

Still not understanding? then go check the result ... Burnley 0 ... defensive job done.

Fair enough you clearly don't understand tactics but there's no need to brag about it, you just end up looking stupid every week.
Drawing Burnley would’ve been a real kick in the nuts. Drawing Antwerp is not ideal but is no big deal because we are highly likely to qualify for the knockout stage regardless. The Burnley game is more important. Reguilon is the better player and the one far more likely to break down a tough, organized defense. Playing Davies was a tactical mistake IMO. If we draw 0-0, or 1-1 people would be all over Jose for this. I’m not letting him off the hook just because we got away with it.
Imagine losing 0-1 to Burnley due to Reggie being out of position or losing a header.

Or, instead of living in fantasy scenario's, let's appreciate the fact that Mou made a tactical choice and admire the fact that it paid off with 3 points and a big squad is rotated well.
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