Ben Davies


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Best backup LB in the league and it’s not particularly close. We’re lucky to have him and always have been.


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Davies was getting a lot of the blame in the ground yesterday, along with Dier - not sure why anyone should be singled out for yesterdays performance. Both goals came from multiple errors and no one really played to the level normally expected of them........we love a scapegoat though

Completely agree- Mane is perhaps the best winger/attacking mid in the league this season and so we leave our second choice left back again him in 1v1 situations or worse for the first 25 minutes of the game? Is it really that Davies is so "below average", or did we perhaps just play awful, lethargic, team defense? I think we know what the answer is!

Sissoko as a wingback in a 352 could actually work. He's right-footed though, so as an alternative to Rose he wouldn't be the solution imo.

This is complete madness. Davies is way better as a LCB or LWB than Sissoko.

I think Davies is a fine left-sided back. He's in between a CB and WB so when we play him there he always looks to lacking compared with Jan or Rose, but I mean, cmon, they are practically paragons of their respective positions.

He scored a nice goal for us a few weeks back and always seems to be willing to run his ass off. This not good enough business is crazy- he's absolutely good enough to be backing up Jan and Rose and I'm still glad we have him.

We are going through some lean times lineup wise and we need to play smarter.
I much prefer Davies in the squad over Rose. Since he's been back, I feel like Rose has been forcing things, whereas Davies just anchors the back. When Davies plays, Son has way more space to express himself, whereas Rose constricts the space on the wing and the amount of time Son has on the ball


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Underrated performance today. Grew into the game and was an outright beast at times dishing out some meaty tackles.

He really is a top notch player when given game time.
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