Is Top 4 Gone Now And What Would Be The Ramifications?

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Is Top 4 Gone?

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Eroding the true defnition of glory since 1976...
Regardless of predictions or likelyhood....

Considering 5th may prove sufficient..... If we were 4 points from top in a 3-way dog fight, how many here would be declaring it "over"?
What are the differences between CL football and a deep Europa League run? a lot of money?
Maybe 60m in prize money plus likely bigger attendances (ticket money, food and drink % merchandise) more sponsorships etc, and of course more exposure = longer term more money

So, yes lots more money = more chance of better players too.


Eroding the true defnition of glory since 1976...
Airfixx Airfixx

A full assault on all domestic silverware with our guaranteed trophy winner
I'm thoroughly glass-half full, but I don't see us being in a position to make a grab for the league next year, so would rather we were in Europe.... I'd love to win the EL; trophy + CL spot... More-so than a domestic cup.
Currently on 45 points from 31 matches.

First third of the season under Poch. 14 points from 12 matches or 1.17 points per game

So under Mourhino 31 points from 19 matches or 1.63 points points per game.

If we have a good run over the next 7 games with say 6 wins and a draw we get to circa 1.8 ppg.

Just to put that ppg into perspective, Leicester and Chelsea are on just under 1.8 ppg atm.

Was always going to be tough ask to qualify with that awful first third of a season, we would have needed to average well over 2 ppg under Mouhino to get over that 1.8 ppg which Leicester and Chelsea will end up with.
Remaining fixtures for those involved in top 5 hunt:

Leicester: Everton, Crystal Palace, Woolwich, Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Tottenham, Manchester United

Chelsea: West Ham, Watford, Crystal Palace, Sheffield United, Norwich, Manchester United (FA Cup), Liverpool, Wolves

Wolves: Woolwich, Sheffield United, Everton, Burnley, Crystal Palace, Chelsea

Manchester United: Brighton, Aston Villa, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Chelsea (FA Cup), West Ham, Leicester

Tottenham: Sheffield United, Everton, Bournemouth, Woolwich, Newcastle, Leicester, Crystal Palace

Sheffield United: Tottenham, Burnley, Wolves, Chelsea, Leicester, Everton, Southampton

10 points behind Leicester, ,9 behind Chelsea, 7 behind Wolves with a game in hand over them & 4 behind Man U.

I fancy Leicester could wobble and slip out of the top 4 in all honesty, Wolves next couple of games key for them. Brighton game for Man U on Tuesday will tell us a lot about how realistic our chances of catching them are. If they lose that’s after only 2 days rest and extra time played against Norwich on Saturday in the cup it could open a little window up for us.
Being in Europa, if that's where we end up should mean a squad (next season) that can hopefully handle the schedule.

It means some game time and chances given to some of our youth that never get that opportunity.

But i'd kill for a cup win.
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i think this was our last non-Europe season 4th in the league and cup runs so.......
It all comes down to that first third of the season under Poch. 14 points from 12 matches is just feeble and made it almost impossible to qualify for the CL, we wasted so many points in easy matches. A season in the Europa might be what we need, with Jose we could actually win it.
Played 11 and 15 points this Calendar year........ so how close is that to feeble?
Man U 0-2 up at Brighton after half an hour.
So much for them being tired.. :(
EL it is, then.

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