Other Stadiums and Training Grounds

West Ham's training centre looking like a council work dept. Do they still call it the academy of football? Stupid cunts.
If Soldado ever signed for Monaco they would have to factor in the cost of lost footballs, there is no knocking on the next door neighbours house asking for your ball back.
Theres a lot of building going on right now, here are some pictures of some of my faves

Hungarian Fotball Academy, yes, it's a training ground stadium

New Stadion Velodrome, Marseille


Shaktar Donetsk Training Center



Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

Fiorentina have unveiled plans for a new training center which will be the largest in Italy.

Big fan of them dedicating almost as much training pitch ground for the women's team as the men.
I understand your point.
But this is the PL. Awash with money. Gold and Sullivan invest in West Ham supposedly. Claim they are the second biggest club in London becuase of thier capacity. The Academy of football
Yet they have a training complex worse than most championship teams. Totally unacceptable for a PL club. Look at Burnley, league two 1995-2000,league one until 2004, championship until 2009. I season back down until 2014. Been down and back up again since then and even they have splashed more cash on, and have a superior training facility to West Ham.
Hackney Marsh's have better facilities than West Ham!!....

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