Pie&Mash shop in the High Rd

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Looking down at Woolich again
Just realised that The Pie & Mash Shop is right next door to Koyum, so I can roll from one to the other. Yay! Football suddenly got cheerful again :)

ps - fair play to Pie & Mash for posting on here. Is he/she the only local business with the right attitude?

Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Would a choice of 2 different liquors be an option you could provide ?

One a Traditional, and then a more hipster style like Parsley liquor ?
All this time I thought Parsley Liquor was traditional.........


What's the other?
Used to play pool in the Crooked Billet, before and after each meet.
It is then certain that our paths must have crossed at some point.Tottenham home game/pool in Crooked Billet/Stow/Curry was a pretty regular Saturday for me throughout the 80s!!
Then I got married and had children and those halcyon days quickly came to and end!!
I can see this place being popular with hipsters (who are unfortunately starting to seep into North Tottenham now as well as South) as well as with Spurs fans, so hopefully they will get enough custom on non-match days to survive and prosper.
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