Moussa Sissoko

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I think we're fucked this summer. New managers don't usually start clearing out players until they've had a while to assess the squad. Another year of this joker and Winks to follow.
I dunno, there has to be a realization inside the club that a chunk of players need removing. As much as we joke, I don't think Hitchen is as clueless as some suspect and there'll be internal discussion about certain players. Sissoko, Aurier, Lamela, Lucas will be for sale I think. Not sure on Winks and a few others. I think Levy will definitely keep Dele another season.

On the other hand, I think the negativity on our transfer business the last few years is a bit overplayed, a different manager the last 18 months and we'd all be a lot more positive on Ndom, Gio, Berg, Sess, Reg imo
He's not even the worst player we've had, let alone the worst ever.

Donkies like Jansen, Soldado, Stambouli, Gardner, Nethercott, Rebrov, and on and on and on.

Sissoko is just a victim of his price tag IMO.
He's a decent player.... hasnot been good recently but why the hate?
Problem is that I don't think he is a decent player. He had that one season where everything was crumbling from injuries and tiredness and his athleticism and enthusiasm helped keep us going. Even had one or two MOTM games. I'm grateful to him for that. But he doesn't have great ball skills, he's a slow decision maker, he hides from the ball and frequently walks around doing nothing except pointing. He'd be great at directing cars at Glastonbury.

I like the guy as a person; he's a good egg. But we can do much much better.
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