England V Denmark Semi Final Wembley Wednesday 7th July 20:00

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I missed the end of the game due to a slightly power crazed bouncer.

Watched the second half of extra time with some homeless blokes peering through a betfred window.

Walking home singing england songs with every car tooting their horn, what a night
Why is everyone feigning outrage over a bit of booing? Every team does it, especially rivals.

It’s just pantomime stuff.

All the games at the tournament have been played in a really good spirit.


end of an era
The abusive hatred from England fans towards non-English Spurs supporters has been the defining tone of this thread.
The xenophobia of the English always comes to the fore eventually. They can't even enjoy their great national moment without pouring hate and abuse on their fellow forum users. Disgusting.


Up The Spurs
I wanted England to win this. But if that's against my team I would be pissed. I'm pissed off as a neutral even.

Credit to thoose who said it wasn't a pen. These arrogant cunts smiling now will be the first to cry when Oliver does this to Spurs. But okay.
Honestly - bore off. This is an England thread on an English team’s forum. Our national team won with the cuteness, maturity and gamesmanship that any other credible side would endeavour to achieve. Take your sanctimonious shit and shove it back up your arse.


My missus has jus asked me why “Sonny” isn't playing?

Do I...

A. Drop kick her in the face.
B. Walkout, leave and send her the divorce papers
C. Respond and explain the concept of international football and be proud of her for knowing a spurs player. Bearing in mind this is the same wife who has been to countless Spurs games over the last 10 years but has clearly paid fuck all attention?
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