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To dare is too dear
People blaming Conte when he has had us unbeaten in the league until today with this underfunded and frankly subpar football squad of average players.

Unbelievable, don't blame Conte, blame the owners and Daniel Levy.

It's frankly a miracle we are even in the conversation for champions league football with this team.

Please tell me, what manager in world football would have us in a better position with these players?

Always the manager, never the owners, some of you get what you deserve.

Joking aside think it'll be a 3-4-3 with Sess in a front 3 and Tanganga RWB and Doherty inverted LWB
There’s no point getting worked up about Chelsea. If they were in our position, they would have Vlahovic, De Jong and De Ligt signed before the end of the month.

They’ve just dropped 100 million on a striker that looks lost. And it doesn’t matter, they’ll sack him off and go for Haaland.

They’re just doped up cunts.

Massive Conte

They’re miles ahead of us. They won the Champions League last year for fuck’s sake where as we got dumped out of the Europa League conference group stage.

It’s fine. I can accept losing to the better team but anyone with more than 6 brain cells will understand that the gap that exists between the two clubs doesn’t just get bridged by bringing a manager in. You need to improve the quality of the team as well. It’s like giving Lewis Hamilton a fucking Corsa and expecting him to win the F1.

Levy has got just over a week. If we do not make meaningful steps this month towards improving our squad then we risk losing the best manager we will ever get at this club to a club that does not lack ambition.


Raw Ill give it to ya no trivia. Okay, some trivia
There's just a massive gulf right now between the top 3 and the rest of the league.

As we enter the second half of our season, with impending trips to both the Ethiad and Anfield, I'd encourage everyone to remember that won't be where top 4 is decided, but rather in six pointers against Woolwich, United, West Ham, and Wolves (three of which we have at home) and in winning the games we should be winning.

Anything from one of the top 3 sides at this juncture is absolute gravy. They are so far ahead everyone else.
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