Ryan Mason

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I think the club should ban Mirror journalists for a while after this. It's simply unacceptable to put out that headline and frontpage knowing full well that his family and friends will see it and fear the worst. Unacceptable when it's not been substantiated as it's obviously not been.
Just realized he kind of looks like one of the goth kids on South Park
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There are people in this forum that HATE Mason, who call him names, who actually seriously believe that he "plays his mates" over and above for what he sees for the good of Tottenham Hotspur. You know who you are, we know who you are.

This is precisely why we need to keep hold of him...
If CONTE rates him, that's good enough for me...
And if circumstances brought them together, then so be it... SOMETHING good might finally have come out of that horrific brain injury... Let's not forget the journey Ryan has been through to get here...

One of our own.


Just Do It
Mason's own thread. Done. That goal deserved him one.


Brilliant goal, and great celebration ... full of passion!

He was a great substitute today. Literally was a game-changer for us.
The goal aside, he still made notable impact: tidy, decisive passing, and forward thinking.

Even during the preseason, he was one of the players that really impressed me.
Hopefully we see much more of him (including in the PL ... He IS eligible).

Ryan Mason might actually turn out to be the player that we all wanted Carroll to be.
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