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Football is fun and meant to be an escape from every day life.

Yesterday. Drove to the station. Delayed because of road works. 30 mins and £6 to park.
Train to London. £30.
Bus to Liverpool Street
Train to WHL.
2.5 hours door to door.
Three drinks. 2 for me and one for a random who had 550 points so thought it was worth keeping in his good books. £16.
Usual Block but 15 rows further back for £60. Total £112. Would have been £120 if not for the free chicken burger. Decent but not as good as Chick King and costs £5 more.
90 minutes of utter garbage.
Northumberland Park to Stratford.
Tube to London Bridge.
Train to T.Wells.
20 minute drive.
Nearly hit 3 deer on the by pass. I still don't know how missed them or how the prick tailgating me did not go in to the back of my car. Miracle.
Got home at 22.15.

I must be out of my nut doing that 20-25 times a season. And yet all I am is a CRN.

Sad times.

John Thomas

Former serial trophy winners


they really are simply trying to scrape every last penny out of this club it is fucking embarrassing. Gangster wannabe Levy, glorified hedgefund manager, playing soccer coach from his office. Some randomer paraciti, jumping around on his phone in the dugout like a baboon. Half a squad that doesnt want to be here because they know tottenham are going absolutely fucking nowhere with these owners. The bullshit smoke and mirrors of “projects” and “competing for silverware” propaganda has fallen flat on its arse. Zero investment. 5th choice players. 30th choice “head coaches”. Sack the shit managers. Sack the good managers. No investment when we are doing well. Invest poorly when we are shite. Bullshit stadium filled with tourists. Bullshit interviews from arse flapping owners. Build hotels, rock climbing, zip fookin wires, aquariums, supermarkets, fuck it build a whole circus because Were a fooking clown club now

John Thomas

Former serial trophy winners
Spurs legend, former manager, and fan, Glen Hoddle


A sentiment pretty much repeated by every manager hired and fired by Daniel Levy.

Why do some fans so vehemently support these frauds


I was on the verge of jacking in my ST after last season. But the fact that my Brother in Law got one this year and 2022 is the 50th anniversary of my first game made me cave in and renew.

My BIL has realised that you no longer need an ST to do whatever games you want to attend and you can move about the stadium rather than be stuck in one place. So in all liklihood he will go back to being a member.

I've done my 50, been home and away, over land and sea, Div 2, Div 1 and Premier League, Inter-toto, Europa Conference League, Europa League and Champions League, and it is time for the younger bods to pick up the baton.

I will still go but will cherry pick my 1O or so games I bother to attend.
Perhaps you have your answer as to why Poch became so 'picky'. With Levy deciding "what could be done" at the end we often got dross. Why keep filling up the ranks with dross? Poch spoke multiple times about this...he even had elaborate analogies for it. But a very good example is go for De Ligt but come home with Sanchez. Perhaps Sanchez was on the list of potential CBs but he wasn't #1 and now he's gonna be an anchor around our necks whereas De Ligt is doing hunky dory...false Levy economy. Multiple instances of this in that era and it will continue to go on.
The classic example was summer 2016. Poch wanted a pacy wing forward. We go for Mane, wage demands too high goes to Liverpool. With about 2 weeks of the window left we go for Zaha, Palace aren't happy as its late in the window so we are quoted £30m, we dither and decide thats too much. Poch is naturally unhappy, Levy has to deliver and offers him Sissoko on deadline day for the same price we decided was too much for Zaha. Poch agrees because its a body in the squad, Sissoko or no one. So we save nothing, we end up with an average player that doesn't really play in the position we wanted to fill. Not stretching the imagination too much to think if we'd have got Zaha we'd have won the league that season.


To dare is too dear
Imagine thinking we are any different to Man City other than the fact that we don't win silverware.

Levy and ENIC have still made this club a corporate plaything, to pretend otherwise is naive.

We are no better, this "doing things the right way" line is utter bullshit, we have a bunch of prawn sandwich munchers who somehow think we are above all this "modern football and it's ludicrous spending and corruption" when literally less than 2 months ago our very own chairman (the one these fucking mouthbreathers are championing) tried to drag us into an elite closed league so we could be the whipping boys of Europe all for some cold hard cash.

£60 tickets for our final game and shoving supporters at the back for ad revenue space?

"I dOn't WaNt Us To Be LiKe MaN CiTy! Wahhhhh"

Guess what? Not only are we already like them but our owners fucking treat us WORSE than their owners do their supporters! At least they recognise the core of the business is a fucking football club!!!

Our owners on the other hand do everything the City owners do apart from back the squad with the money required to win.

You can't make it up, these tossers in our fanbase with their noses in their air acting like we have some sort of moral superiority over City, like we do things the right way and they don't lol!

Cult brainwashing at its finest, Levy will be very proud of you all for toeing the company line and excusing their absolute disregard for the supporters.

Anybody who thinks Levy cares about supporters has lost the fucking plot at this point, he is a greedy corporate snake.

So please, leave the moral high ground bullshit at the door, this is modern football, even if you don't like it! If we want to be successful then we have to run this club like a modern fucking football club.

ENIC don't want to spend the money required to join in with the big boys on the pitch where it matters and people think that makes us superior even though in every other regard we are NO DIFFERENT give me a fucking break.


I actually think I want Levy out of this club more than I wanted Jose or AVB out and that is saying something. It’s like ENIC have to sucked the joy out of everything, even the Jose sacking and the start of maybe playing attacking football was ruined by the ESL thing which hit at the same time. And now the search for a manager which seemed promising is just farce.

I love the new stadium but everything else about Spurs, Harry Kane aside is bollocks. We have become a West Ham banter club just as West Ham appear to be sorting themselves out.
"We have been so focused on delivering the stadium and dealing with the impact of the pandemic, that I feel we lost sight of some key priorities and what’s truly in our DNA."

That's the closest you'll ever get to Levy admitting he fucked up the last 3-5 years regarding players/Poch

"We shall focus on the recruitment of a new Head Coach. We are acutely aware of the need to select someone whose values reflect those of our great Club and return to playing football with the style for which we are known – free-flowing, attacking and entertaining – whilst continuing to embrace our desire to see young players flourish from our Academy alongside experienced talent."

This is also him admitting that Mourinho was an awful mistake.

A lot of words but actions speak louder so I'm not holding my breath.

John Thomas

Former serial trophy winners
ClosedAccount542 . Do you honestly think ENIC are involved in football for any other reason than to exploit it's popularity?

And if your so keen to see us merely as an acadamy producing our own players rather than buying players who can win us titles, are you not disgusted that we charge the highest season ticket prices in Europe? Surely those two things ain't compatible?

Finally, what is your opinion on the club charging at least 50% more than everyone else for the final home game, then parking the fans as far away from the pitch as possible to maximise advertising revenue.

Daniel Levy treats the fans with utter contempt. He milks our loyalty for every penny he can squeeze. He draws a higher salary than all of his contemporaries even though we never win a thing on the pitch.

Why do you offer this man so much respect?
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I've come into some insights about Levy and the transfer market in general.

The authorities have long known that the football transfer market is bent and money laundering, fraud and tax evasion are rife. The political will, resource and commitment hasn't been there to tackle the problem head-on and the European Commission last attempted to move against the system in the late 90s early 2000s. The political fall out destroyed any serious appetite to pursue further.

However, certain recent transfers have been so blatant in their absurd inflation of particularly agent fees (we are talking Neymar, Pogba etc) that there has been talk about revisiting and investigating the football transfer world.

This is a world in which it is not uncommon for players to be plucked out of very tough housing estates and have several friends or acquitances who will be pushing drugs or even firearms on the streets.

It is not uncommon in football transfer negotiations for random third parties to be introduced as agents whose inflated fees require paying before the player ratifies the transfer.

Anyway, it's accepted within the football world that to get transfers done you just go along with it and pay the fees.

Only there is one chairman who is apparently known for his point blank refusal to deal with these people and pay them any money.

I have heard that the João Moutinho deal in particular was ready to be signed back in 2012 when a third party was introduced at the last minute demanding a huge amount to ratify the transfer apparently with the backing of both the player and the official agent. After exploring options around the problem including Porto paying the fees if the transfer fee was increased Levy pulled the plug on the whole thing.

Another transfer the Leandro Damiao was complicated by multiple third parties being introduced as being agents of the player all demanding a percentage of the fees payable. It was almost impossible to get any of them around a table to discuss what their actual interest in the player and transfer was, do any due diligence or KYC or to discuss terms on the "demands". I've been told one refused to provide a photo ID or reveal his real name and demanded the funds be paid via an international FX account to a company registered to a little known tax haven called the Marshall Islands.

I could go on and on. One of the reasons Levy had decided to get rid of Redknapp was all of the baggage that followed him around.

Part of the reason Levy also has always looked towards the US, Singapore, Japan for investment and development where possible.

Much of this is anecdotal but feels true to me.
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