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People can shout and scream 'attitude' and 'professionalism' (and would be guessing) but it is absolutely absurd that we have given two-year contracts to Shilow Tracey and George Marsh but let Sam Shashoua (and Marcus Edwards to follow) go.

Something is going badly wrong with how we transition attacking/mercurial players beyond the scholarship.

Put together a little something to show off our scoring chances. Thought the team looked decent. Oakley-Booth was the best player for me, White got stronger as the game went on, Markanday had a solid second half..Parrott on the pitch and this is probably a win.

At the other end, 2001-born Armando Dobra for Ipswich looked outstanding.


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Swedish club Hammarby have confirmed that 16 year old Williot Swedberg has been on try out with Spurs after having been scouted at elite prospect camp in Sweden this summer.

Swedberg is a second generation footballer on both sides of the family tree. His father is former Sweden international Hans Eskilsson, who apart from the Swedish national team has played for Sporting and Braga in Portugal and is a former Swedish champion. His mother is Malin Swedberg, who has 78 caps for Sweden, a world cup bronze, 3 Swedish championships in the women's league and a Diamond ball (voted best female footballer of the year) to her name.

So far it is just a try out and Hammarby have yet to receive information on if Spurs are going to go ahead and offer to purchase the youth player. Swedberg is currently working through the Hammarby and Swedish national team youth systems.
I haven't seen much if Roles, but what I have seen kind of reminds me of what I am seeing in Mason Mount? Just gets involved and is actually quite productive with the ball.

Not sure about the Mason Mount reference, but I'd suggest Roles :
- As a youngster was being played as a defender, moved to CM in u18's and only further forward as an AM about 2 years ago (now aged 20)
- Versatile player, as AM possibly best on left but has played on right, centre and even a false no 9.
- Always had goals in him even when playing as a defender or CM.
- Tenacious and tries hard - probably the secret of his success as in the past there have been players seen as better (technically better) than him, but less dedicated to improve themselves.
- Excellent finisher - both at distance and in box, right foot, left foot and heading (which is probably his weakest finish). Good vision and awareness of where both Spurs and opposition players are on the pitch - last season, spotted the Swansea u21 gk off his line and sent a shot from the half way line (unfortunately hit roof of net, but kudos for trying) - and good concentration. Decent set piece taker - scored pen in pre-season 2019 as first of youngsters asked to step up.
- Team player who comes alive when has a sight of goal, and hard worker.
- Of the current Spurs players I'd liken him most to Dele in his first season or two at Spurs.
I think Poch would extend his good will if he starts picking some young players. I think back to this time in 2014-15 when he dropped senior players to play young and hungry players who wanted to prove themselves. The difference is the players he needs to drop now are his players - there is probably a lot of loyalty and respect between them.

But needs must.

Skipp, Tanganga, Parrott. Find a way to get them on the bench at least. Play KWP more.

Of course I have to admit there is an irony in this because the first player I'd drop from the team right now is an academy player - Winks. But it wouldn't be a bad thing if Winks could get competition from a fellow academy graduate in Skipp.

Agree with much of this, and we certainly need to both shake up the squad and increase the number of home trained players to increase squad numbers which is constraining us atm.

Think our real problem is what Poch's CM's are supposed to be doing. I could suggest that Poch has moved towards a double pivot with both players equally responsible for defense and stack (as Mason and Bentaleb were at the start of Poch's reign) based upon a lack of rumours that Spurs are recruiting a DM. If so Winks is the only one fulfilling that role - Ndombele is proving to be excellent in attack but not doing much defensive work, Sissoko makes powerful runs forward but is woeful in defensive positioning, Dier is just back so not fair to comment but a year ago was a decent DM but meh in attack. So if its a double pivot, Winks is being hammered as currently he's the only one showing for defensive duties.

If Winks is being picked as a DM, then that's poor selection as Winks is a no 8 and not a no 6, although he's decent as one of a double pivot. And if Poch wants to play with a DM then Dier (or Skipp who is a decent DM but with more forward play than a traditional no 6) are his options...…..but they are not being picked !

So I'm confused as to what strategy the CM's are supposed to follow (and I suspect I'm not the only one) and without knowing that I cannot evaluate how well the players are performing.
He's far too good for that level

Think that as this was his first loan, this was a deliberate choice to place him in a League 2 side to maximise his playing time.

But agreed he's demonstrated he's too good for this league - think this was his 5th goal of the season and based upon minutes played he's averaging about a goal every 2 games ( is approx 180 played minutes) which is pretty damn good for an AM.

Think a few League 1 sides should be interested. Might be too risky with playing time but think he could also do well in a Championship side.

Worth remembering that he's made October team of the month for League 2 and also two man if the match awards in addition to his goalscoring record


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KWP getting the loan he needed for years.

Maghoma released so he can play football at a better level.

Austin getting a loan.

Sort out Parrott and Skipp now and Mourinho has done wonders with our youth.

Hopefully Skipp is given a loan and Parrott signs a new deal when he turns 18 and gets game time with the u23s again.

Former Spurs u16 captain, left before signing Spurs Academy Scholarship due to concerns over lack of pathway to first team......now looks like he's playing as Bergwijn's replacement.

Shows up the cost of Poch's 'train with me, but you are only likely to get a few minutes playing for the first team' policy.

Poch fanboy here.

Absolutely nailed on. Edwards, Bennet and Madueke - No excuse whatsoever to not involve them more.

In particular when you consider the sheer state of the first team squad over the last 24 months, looking at the "last" 8-10 players of the 25 man squad.


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Just been ruminating on last night's result - clearly very very disappointing.

Like your point about there being no good CM's in the side to get the ball forward efficiently.

Other general point is that I've seen many League 1 and League 2 sides have been back in pre-season training for a month (as their leagues didnt re-start) whereas Spurs u23's I think started pre-season training last monday (10 days ago) so there will probably have been issues for Spurs of match fitness and familarity with team mates in the side (especially given the number in the development side I'd guess Spurs only selected the side on say Monday).

So maybe the match was always going to be very tough for us.

Any luck in IDing either of the triallists (especially the defender who started) ? Superficial likeness to Zeki Celik ?

Trial Walker, apparently.

Trial Walker-Peters was the sub trialist.


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Anthony Georgiou (LW/LB), Luke Amos (DM/CM), George Marsh (DM/CB), Jack Roles (AM/CM), Tashan Oakley-Boothe (CM/AM), Phoenix Patterson (CM/AM), Paris Maghoma (AM/CM), Oliver Skipp (CM/DM), Jamie Bowden (CM/DM), Armando Shashoua (AM), Maximus Tainio (DM), Dilan Markanday (AM/W)

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Kacper Kurylowicz

Malachi Walcott (CB), Luis Binks (CB), Dennis Cirkin (LB)

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